Benefits for the Pharmacy

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  • Smart Advice displays targeted product and service recommendations to the customer on a tablet screen next to the Pharmacy’s cashier at the time of the transaction, according to the customer’s purchases.
  • Smart Adviceis developed boost cross and up sales in the Pharmacy.
  • Cross sales as additional sales, increase the average value of the customer’s basket and enhance the profitability of the Pharmacy.
  • Personalized content, elevates the consumer experience and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Smart Advice can be used as a promotional tool of general trade agreements , in cooperation with pharmaceuticals.
  • With targeted beware messages ,Smart advice highlights the scientific role of the Pharmacist.
  • The position of Smart Advice next to the Pharmacy’s cashier and the continuous promotion of special offers to all customers ensure higher sales for ” forgotten” or seasonal products.
  • The Pharmacy gains access to a reporting system that measures the effectiveness of its cross sales strategy.