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In Smart Advice, we have integrated an automated mail marketing platform with the ability to run interactive contests in Pharmacies.

The purpose of the contests is to carry out automated marketing actions in order to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

In the contests, it is possible to issue unique discount coupons to customers, which can be used to increase traffic during the slowest periods at the end of the month.

Benefits for the Pharmacy

  • Enhancing Pharmacy’s brand awareness
  • Strengthen Sales in Slower Seasons Using Vouchers
  • Systematic communication with customers
  • Upgrading the services provided
  • Upgrading customer experience
  • Database and customer categorization
  • Further increase of cross sales suggested by Smart Advice

With the new upgraded content of the contests, the Pharmacy acquires the ability to create a database of customer emails and automate monthly newsletter campaigns, a unique opportunity for the Pharmacy to “build” another channel of communication with customers.

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