Personalized Content

The content and Smart Advice’s rules are personalized according to each Pharmacy’s needs over the Internet.

Impressions based Pricing

Pharmacies of all sizes can take advantage of the privileges of the application at an affordable cost.

Compatible with all Windows versions

The Windows application is safe from viruses and prevents access to the data of the Pharmacy computer.

How it Works

Smart Advice in “idle” displays content of general interest (offers, working hours, event etc.) offering the possibility to communicate to all customers who will approach the Pharmacy counter.

The magic of Smart Advice begins during the customer transaction. The Pharmacist creates his own promotion rules (either alone or with the help of company consultants), with criteria that meet his / her own needs by choosing from:

  • Barcode
  • ATC Group
  • Active substance etc

For example, “When I register a bar code with an active substance statin, I recommend to the client a content message with a suggestion for a Q10 nutritional supplement”. In this way, every time a bar code for sale of a statin is registered in the Pharmacy, Smart Advice will display relevant content to promote the desired Q10 supplement.

Do you want to communicate more often with your customers?


Now with contests, the content gets even more interesting. Without any effort from the Pharmacist, Smart Advice provides the ability to run contests with automated email marketing to participants and discount coupons redeemed at the Pharmacy.


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