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Smart Advice, an application implemented by ITeQ for Pharmacies only, is installed on a 10.1 inch tablet, placed on the Pharmacy counter with a special support base in color that attracts the eye of the customer.

The content displayed in the tablet is addressed to the individual customer served on the Pharmacy cashier and has 2 states: idle content and rule content.

Messages of general interest (offers, opening hours, events, etc.) are displayed in the “idle” state appropriate for all customers. In this way, the Pharmacist is given the opportunity to communicate to all customers who will “reach” the counter – messages that will not only boost offers’ sales but also educate customers.

Smart Advice’s “magic” starts with the commencement of the customer transaction. When the Pharmacist registers a sale to his POS using a bar code, Smart Advice automatically recognizes related products and services and displays in the tablet at the same time the Pharmacy’s suggestions related to the product that has just been put up for sale.

The Pharmacist creates his own promotion rules for Medicines and Parapharmaceuticals – Cosmetics (either by himself or with the help of the company’s consultants), on criteria that meet his / her own needs choosing from:

  • Bar code
  • ATC Group
  • Active substance
  • Supplier

For example, “When I enter a bar code of a drug with statin, I present to the client a content message with suggestion for Q10 food supplement” or “when I enter a face cream show the eye cream offer”. In this way, every time a bar code for sale of a statin is registered in the Pharmacy, Smart Advice will display relevant content to promote the desired Q10 supplement.

Smart Advice at the same time as displaying an ad on the tablet in a notification on the Windows status bar displays a message addressed to the Pharmacist.

The Pharmacist may, if desired, retrieve statistics on the number of views and successful sales from each view.

When there is no matching products and services, Smart Advice automatically switches to idle mode.